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blinking / мигающий, моргающий, дьявольский
имя прилагательное
flashing, blinking, flickering
blinking, winking
diabolical, devilish, diabolic, hellish, fiendish, blinking
имя существительное
flicker, scintillation, flickering, blink, twinkling, blinking
blinking, winking, wink, twink
имя прилагательное
used to express annoyance.
computers can be a blinking nuisance to operators
shut and open the eyes quickly.
she blinked, momentarily blinded
(of a light or light source) shine intermittently or unsteadily.
the icon for his e-mail was blinking
How many symptoms of utter blinking derangement can you count in the two lead sentences of the story?
The real problem is I don't want to be a blinking teacher at all, despite the fact that I like the children.
Well, a lot more flipping interesting than the blinking Suburbs, I reckoned.
As in, I can't put the blinking nets up because I am too short.
Photocopy pages from a travel guide: don't take the whole blinking book, and look like an idiot tourist while trying to find page 576.
It's still happening - it's a blinking nightmare.
I ran the entire bath but it was too cold and then the blinking water ran out.
As he passed the mobile back, the driver muttered in Thai something to the effect that all foreigners are a blinking nuisance.
My outgoings were less than my incomings this month… and about blinking time too.
We're still nowhere near knowing who the blinking flip the guy actually is.