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blinker / шоры, наглазники, светосигнальный аппарат
имя существительное
blinders, blinkers, blinker, winkers
blinkers, blinker
светосигнальный аппарат
deceive, cheat, kid, fool, spoof, blinker
надевать шоры
имя существительное
a device that blinks, especially a vehicle's turn signal.
I particularly liked the vehicle's side blinker .
put blinders on (a horse).
As any horse-cab driver in downtown Cairo knows, a horse must be blinkered to navigate the streets, or else the traffic will cause it to shy.
Mara slowed at a stoplight and switched on the right blinker .
I put on my blinker and turned onto the road, which was heavily laden with fog.
But none of these should blinker students from examining the other financial implications of the accounts on offer.
Jack only switched his right blinker on and turned towards Route 301 instead.
Nick put on his blinker and drove into a parking spot.
This is just some stupid road with a red light on and my blinker is saying that I am headed for the left.
Then he turned his right blinker on, and I sighed in relief.
The interview process is likely to entail some degree of closure as the interview guide is put together, which may blinker the researcher slightly.
Joan once opened her mouth to tell him where to turn, but he switched his blinker before she could say anything.
Signal your intention to change the lane in good time by using the blinker and if necessary, by hand signalling, says the handbook.