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blink / мигать, мерцать, моргать
blink, flicker, wink, twinkle, nictate, nictitate
flicker, glimmer, twinkle, shimmer, blink, gleam
blink, wink, nictate, nictitate, bat one's eyes
имя существительное
flicker, scintillation, flickering, blink, twinkling, shimmer
moment, jiffy, blink, wink, twink, jiff
flash, outbreak, flare, outburst, burst, blink
shut and open the eyes quickly.
she blinked, momentarily blinded
(of a light or light source) shine intermittently or unsteadily.
the icon for his e-mail was blinking
имя существительное
an act of shutting and opening the eyes quickly.
he was observing her every blink
a momentary gleam of light.
The car responds with a blink of its lights and a short shriek.
In a single blink , Justine had analyzed him and the situation she was in.
Then there it was again, a blink of light in the grass about three yards away.
She says it all very quickly and I blink as I take it in.
With most cameras the correct-focus indicator light will blink rapidly and the shutter release won't fire.
It was of similar shape as a fighter and had a flashing red light similar to passenger jet's blink .
So far as the vehicles go, colors can be changed in what amounts to a physical blink of an eye.
With a startled blink , Ana looked behind her to find none other then the orange pig-tailed little girl.
She gave Sasha a short blink from her light and heard the car motor start.
If I would get the chance I would fight them tomorrow without a blink of my eye.
Thompson would have given her all this without a blink