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blini / блины
имя существительное
pancakes made from buckwheat flour and served with sour cream.
Sprinkled with lemon juice, served with oven-warmed blinis and crème fraîche, this was a delicious first course.
Our only ho-hum selection was the blini with jam, which was nearly indistinguishable from its Bulgarian counterpart - the rolled pancakes called polachinki.
First came a platter heaping with fresh blini , dripping with butter.
Unfortunately the blini was buried under a huge, bland, flavourless (save for the small sliver of horseradish here and there), sickly mound of mayonnaise that added nothing to the plate.
The blini of ground beef wrapped in a thin crêpe disappeared before I could get a taste of it, so I guess that means it must have been good, right?
Serve caviar on warm blini with optional creme fraiche.
Dressed in their peasant outfits, we were supplied with Russian tea, blini and vodka.
It's my chance to chat about Russia and the Ukraine and have vodka and blini during blini week.
A blini batter is usually made with buckwheat flour and yeast, but here's a lighter version using all wheat flour with an added crunch of sweetcorn.
He recommends the caviar of the rare albino sturgeon, served preferably on a warm blini with cr fraiche.
The book is arranged in a helpful way, too, including chapters on breakfast and brunch, bellinis and blinis (party food), dinner for two and cooking for a crowd.