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blindly / слепо, безрассудно, как слепой
blindly, rashly, unadvisedly, foolhardily, blindfold
как слепой
as if blind; without seeing or noticing.
I continued to stare blindly into my coffee
I grumbled as I blindly made my way towards the non existent light switch.
He stared at him blindly , his eyes almost vacant.
In terms of the larger historical and social questions, they proceed blindly .
she began groping blindly in the dark
We would like to believe in this blindly , without analyzing the reasons further.
The light in the hallways isn't working so we walk into the house blindly , up the stairs and into the first bedroom.
I blindly sent my manuscript away to only one publisher, and waited a year to hear back.
Remember, as the director of your camp, the last thing you want to do is blindly assume risk.
I suggested that maybe blindly feeling your way around a pool was similar to exploring unknown places like Marco Polo did.
That is not to say that the Court should blindly accept without comment the bills of the Inspector.