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blindfold / вслепую, безрассудно
blindly, rashly, unadvisedly, foolhardily, blindfold
имя прилагательное
с завязанными глазами
blindfolded, blindfold
действующий вслепую
blindfold, blind
reckless, foolish, unreasonable, foolhardy, rash, blindfold
имя существительное
повязка на глазах
завязывать глаза
deceive, cheat, kid, fool, spoof, blindfold
fool, dupe, niggle, befool, make a fool, blindfold
имя прилагательное
wearing a blindfold.
To this end, a map was purchased, into which, whilst blindfold , he thrust a pin.
deprive (someone) of sight by tying a piece of cloth around the head so as to cover the eyes.
Then they attempted a repeat of the 1970s hostage-style device, blindfolding foreigners in a ploy designed to intimidate troops out of the country.
имя существительное
a piece of cloth tied around the head to cover someone's eyes.
Other journalists have witnessed detainees ‘wearing only underwear and blindfolds , handcuffed and lying in the dirt 24 hours after their capture.’
with a blindfold covering the eyes.
the reporter was driven blindfold to meet the gangster
Learn how the knot of your choice should be tied and practise till you can tie it blindfold .
The effect is not purely psychological: red light increases blood pressure and blue decreases it, even if the subject is blindfold .
And I just saw him looking very distressed before they forced him into his seat, and put a blindfold on him and covered his handcuffs with a blanket.
Chris, however was so in tune with his bike I'm sure he could have ridden blindfold had I asked him to.
I'm going into it blindfold , but I love the script.
He throws his knives blindfold , barely nicking his lovely target, inciting the pair to ever more reckless acts.
Luckily Stefan can ski his way through these trees blindfold .
Making his debut in the tournament, Morozevich suddenly found a hidden talent for the art of blindfold chess.
A blindfold test of this album might yield guesses like Stereolab in their garage days or a guitar-less Zappa, but Need New Body's zany debut is a free-standing oddity.
The odd thing about this sight, though, was that a blue blindfold covered the Angel Prince's eyes.