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blinder / попойка, великолепное представление
имя существительное
buster, booze, revelry, blinder, bender, carouse
великолепное представление
Marinello played a blinder in his first game
It means that you've got some kind of blinders on, sweetie!
We double cast everything, on fine basis of body size, ability, height for partnering, but we have no racial blinders in casting.
One suspects there isn't a problem in America, no matter how knotty or profound, that Gladwell can't imagine some nifty solution to, if only we'd take off the blinders of ideology and put on the glasses of science and observation.
They were worldly and farsighted when it came to brownstone quarrying, but that view was constricted by blinders to the impending changes in building technology and the image of brownstone.
Both of their families would have had to have blinders on not to recognize that Ben's first-born and Jim Archer's youngest daughter were starting to care more than a little for each other.
The patient who read his own hospital history, ‘written with medical blinders on’ exclaimed in anguish, ‘But there is nothing in here about me!’
They wore clothes that suggested the warm weather I had felt was just beginning, and their steeds only had blinders and saddles on.
During the life of this journal, slavery has been restored by historians as a central cause for the war, and the Radicals have gone from villains to heroes, even if remaining somewhat flawed human beings with racial blinders of their own.
I think ballet companies need to branch out to communities - we can't keep blinders on in this business.