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blimp / дирижабль, звукозаглушающий бокс
имя существительное
airship, dirigible, blimp
звукозаглушающий бокс
имя существительное
a small nonrigid airship.
Aerostats are packed to their fins with special radar payloads that would have mere hot air balloons, airships or blimps hissing with envy.
a pompous, reactionary type of person.
no Colonel Blimp could have been more nationalistic
a soundproof cover for a movie camera.
If your camera is disturbing the peace in court, on the golf course or any other venue where silence is golden, photojournalist Sam Cranston's US$125 Camera Muzzle sound blimp for pro film and digital SLR cameras may be for you.
I thought at first it was probably a helicopter or a blimp , as we have a number of hospitals and a sports stadium in the downtown area.
I could work out four hours a day and still end up a blimp
Sources in the Special Anti-Crime Unit said it was intelligence gathered from the blimp airship which informed yesterday's historic seizure.
Actually, the JLENS blimp is an aerostat, a blimp like vehicle designed to always turn into the wind and stay in the same place.
The writer's epitaph saluted him as a ‘supreme clubman, boozer and blimp .’
I could work out four hours a day and still end up a blimp
At eight, two years after the birth of his half-sister, his mother had ballooned into a blimp .
I looked up, saw the blimp and some airplanes and a white rectangular shaped object, that may have been a dull silver color.
I've heard a rumor that at some point a blimp was made for this camera, but I've had no luck finding one.
Oh my God, hey, just jump back and make a little way for the blimp in the blue hat.