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blighter / губитель, нудный человек, неприятный человек
имя существительное
нудный человек
blighter, dull beggar, stodge, proser
неприятный человек
wampus, lemon, rasper, ratbag, nuisance, blighter
имя существительное
a person who is regarded with contempt, irritation, or pity.
you little blighter!
And another email got quite irate about the central character, suggesting he was an evil little blighter .
you little blighter!
you little blighter!
For the dads, our highlight had to be the girls' excitement at being abroad and being with us; our lowest ebb was realising that the little blighters had discovered how to lock the minibar.
From my experience of herons, they're persistent blighters .
The dawn chorus starts shortly before 4 a.m. now, and I find it impossible to sleep on once the noisy little blighters have roused me.
The sidewalks of Manhattan are congested with the little blighters , being driven at breakneck speed by suits and freaks reliving their youth.
Only the females have a taste for human blood but, when you consider that one square metre of heather can house 500,000 of the little blighters , this is little consolation.
All you do is exhaust yourself, coax the little blighters back into the air where you can't get at them, and make a filthy mess.
Joe produced a video camera and the little blighters went berserk, trying to get in the picture, climbing over anything and anyone who was between them and the camera.