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blight / отравлять, портить удовольствие, разбивать
poison, bane, blight, intoxicate, envenom, empoison
портить удовольствие
break up, break, divide, split, smash, blight
имя существительное
болезнь растений
вредное влияние
contagion, blight
пагубное влияние
upas, infection, blight
имя существительное
a plant disease, especially one caused by fungi such as mildews, rusts, and smuts.
the vines suffered blight and disease
infect (plants or a planted area) with blight.
a peach tree blighted by leaf curl
the city's high-rise social housing had become synonymous with urban blight
If there were witches, who could blight your crops, make you sterile, and turn you into a newt just by an incantation or two, then of course we should hunt them.
Approved for use on stone fruits and almonds to control brown rot, blossom and twig blight , and fruit brown rot.
Other than an awareness of the blight at school headquarters, there is no evidence that these businessmen/reformers have a clue about what is really wrong with schooling.
She could blight crops as easily as bless them, deliver at a difficult lambing and assist the occasional human birth for those too poor to have a more qualified attendant.
This city of sinners has been a blight upon the land for too long.
Glasgow's high-rise social housing had become synonymous with urban blight and social deprivation.
The barren South Bronx neighborhood that Ronald Reagan visited in 1980 to illustrate urban blight is now a thriving area, with, inevitably, a Starbucks.
As with other small fruits, Botrytis primarily affects ripening fruit, although under certain circumstances the fungus can cause stem blight as well.
I feel duty bound to respond to the marchers who trooped through the capital the other day, bringing the wonderful sights and sounds, and the less wonderful smells, of the country to my patch of urban blight yesterday.