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blessing / благословение, благо, счастье
имя существительное
blessing, benediction, benison, beatification
good, boon, blessing, weal
happiness, luck, fortune, bliss, blessing, felicity
имя существительное
God's favor and protection.
may God continue to give us his blessing
(of a priest) pronounce words in a religious rite, to confer or invoke divine favor upon; ask God to look favorably on.
he blessed the dying man and anointed him
Then, by touching keys on a screen, one receives an electronic blessing from the Dharma Master, whose video image is projected on the wall.
With a quickly prayed prayer of blessing for the food, the two of them began tucking in.
A long blessing of praise to God for salvation follows.
It is customary on this day to eat from the fruits of trees, and to recite the appropriate blessing of thanksgiving before eating.
In his presence at last, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude that not only was I given the blessing of meeting him, but that a pure spirit of love connected us.
He was filled with a longing for God's glory and for spiritual blessing .
Popes traditionally deliver the blessing at Christmas and Easter.
But in order to do the practice, you have to meet with the right situation and this meeting itself is the extraordinary blessing of the Dharma.
Thus the child whom the parents consider unwanted may be a blessing to the family religiously and economically.
Open our souls and our hearts to the guidance of your Spirit, that your blessing may become our eternal praise of you.