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blessed / блаженный, благословенный, счастливый
имя прилагательное
blissful, blessed, beatific, blest, beatifical, Saturnian
happy, lucky, fortunate, blissful, blessed, joyful
имя прилагательное
made holy; consecrated.
Then the blessed Holy Spirit himself, and He, alone, will dominate, motivate, and control your life.
used in mild expressions of annoyance or exasperation.
there wasn't a blessed thing anybody could have done
имя существительное
those who live with God in heaven.
All the families of the earth will be blessed because of Abraham's Seed, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Then there came a moment, I believe it was in the dead of night, and in the blessed stillness I found solace.
Gradually the call to preach ‘the glorious gospel of the blessed God, the gospel of the good news to lost sinners’, had been developing in Richard.
Such imitation in itself is a sin; performing it in a blessed night like the Night of Bara'ah makes it worse.
Regardless of these differences: I pray you will be blessed in your practise.
Fortunately, I was blessed to become a part of the great humanistic conversation at Princeton University.
Yet strangely, I'm still finding this a hard emotion to deal with - especially when I remember that this time last week the only thing I was expecting was blessed relief.
The final three and a bit furlongs are all down a gentle careering slope which is surely a blessed relief for any horse to encounter after the first two-thirds of the Derby course… well, it was for me.
We, religious people, are blessed in many ways because much is provided just in the name of following Jesus.
I cannot think of another artist whose canvases convey so clearly quite what a blessed existence the painter believes he leads.