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blender / смеситель, миксер, мешалка
имя существительное
mixer, blender, liquidizer
mixer, blender, liquidizer
mixer, agitator, blender, churn
имя существительное
a person or thing that mixes things together, in particular an electric mixing machine used in food preparation for liquefying, chopping, or pureeing.
But Clor are master blenders , cobbling together tasty unrelated nuggets and making them seem like sonic soul mates.
It is the job of the tea blender - a tea taster of many years standing - to ensure that his company blend meets all the criteria.
The oil and fuel blending system consists of a drain pan for collecting the waste oil and a pump and blender with hoses.
Glenmorangie's new master blender says she was born to the job.
Barrie had to nose more than upward of around 60,000 casks before becoming Glenmorangie's master blender .
Sherwin Williams chemical coatings is looking for a part-time paint blender .
It is the complex task of a master blender to combine both malt and grain whisky to create a whisky with a more sophisticated taste.
A professional tea taster, he was Typhoo's chief blender before joining Mumbo.
When it comes to the character of whisky, the blender 's nose is one of the most valuable instruments in the whole process - and his acute sense of smell is legendary.
In my second day of paintball ever, this thing just turned into a big ol' paint- blender .
A mix of malts like the new Cardhu usually takes the name of the brand-owner or blender , not the distillery.