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blend / смесь, смешение
имя существительное
mixture, mix, blend, compound, composition, concoction
mixing, mix, blend, amalgamation, intermixture, commixture
mix, confuse, blend, mingle, mix up, intermingle
blend, harmonize, consort, tune, accord, tone
mix, blend, mingle, intermingle, combine, intermix
имя существительное
a mixture of different things or qualities.
knitting yarns in mohair blends
mix (a substance) with another substance so that they combine together as a mass.
blend the cornstarch with a tablespoon of water
Meanwhile, blend the remaining ingredients in a food processor until combined, then season with salt to taste.
I blend basic information for the novice with some scientific gardening for the more experienced
An inspired blend of four different lavenders on a base of rosemary and thyme, it will make all your linens smell as good as sheets hung out to dry on a warm summer's day.
add the grated cheese and blend well
Ontario offers a cultural blend you'll find nowhere else on earth
This provides essential fats in a blend well-suited for long term use.
This trio of New Zealanders will play a blend of original compositions and jazz favourites.
We are invited to learn God's lyrics, to master God's tune, and to enter into God's harmony in ways that blend with our lives and our world.
She named her 4-year-old firm Alloy Design and Technology because an alloy is a blend of different materials.
Head teacher Mrs Sue Bennett said that it had been designed to resemble an Essex farm barn, so it would blend with the school's rural setting.