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bleep / бип, сигнал спутника Земли, короткий сигнал
имя существительное
сигнал спутника Земли
короткий сигнал
имя существительное
a short high-pitched sound made by an electronic device as a signal or to attract attention.
the autopilot sent back an acknowledgment bleep
(of an electronic device) make a short high-pitched sound or repeated sequence of sounds.
the screen flickered for a few moments and bleeped
‘We're not pieces of bleep - on a television show,’ complained Watson.
Front and rear parking sensors bleep neurotically at you the moment you even think about colliding with anything.
Mrs Light said: ‘The bleeper on his pulse suddenly went into one long bleep and the next five minutes until he came round seemed like a lifetime.’
The long shot may have been because one of the dancers was showing a bit too much dorsal cleavage… but if so, that's like the silly need to bleep words in a pre-recorded musical number.
He tells me the strange tale of a Welsh diver who, when starting his dive, shot up from 6m to 4m, heard his computer bleep in protest and was, in next to no time, look you, back in the boat on pure oxygen.
The desire to have your entire workforce no more than a pager bleep away is a very American one, born of a culture where job insecurity is a given and staff turnover furiously fast.
I may have to bleep a few words in his testimony
Or maybe it's just a matter of taste and the person who is bleeped feels that what they said or did was not as bad as what America will assume, from the bleep , they said or did.
He still had the car keys in his pocket, but a neighbour told him he had heard the bleep of a car alarm being switched off between 1.30 am and 2am.
There is a big hoo-ha getting you a tape to wear, a heart monitor, so that if your watch starts to bleep you know to rush yourself to hospital.