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bleeding / кровотечение, кровопускание, выпуск
имя существительное
bleeding, hemorrhage, haemorrhage, issue of blood
bloodletting, bleeding, phlebotomy, venesection, depletion
issue, edition, output, issuance, outlet, bleeding
имя прилагательное
bleeding, raw
истекающий кровью
exhausted, prostrate, bleeding
имя прилагательное
used for emphasis or to express annoyance.
Six bloody hundred and twenty- bleeding -eight people sunning themselves in Athens at our expense!
lose blood from the body as a result of injury or illness.
the cut was bleeding steadily
draw blood from (someone), especially as a once-common method of treatment in medicine.
Legend says that he was bled to death by a treacherous nun at Kirklees in Yorkshire.
You think Gordon Ramsay spends 14 hours in the operating theatre before he makes supper for a whole bleeding family?
Six bloody hundred and twenty- bleeding -eight people sunning themselves in Athens at our expense!
Why must we folk who live in mild old Britain have to put up with competing in every major bloody city during a bleeding heatwave anyway?
Why, oh why, can't they have separate queues for people who are going to take bleeding ages and those who are able to complete their transactions quickly and without fuss?
Online personality quizzes, jokey viral e-mails, and now a bleeding chatroom, of all things!
Scotland Yard has signed a deal with messaging outfit Buongiorno to state the bleeding obvious to the capital's residents.
Then, with a small smile she said, ‘I don't give a bleeding damn, my dear sir.’
A very annoying problem and I gave him some leeway as he seemed fairly intelligent, and that's bleeding annoying.
We had meandered off on a circuitous journey of legal ground-breaking to reach the bleeding obvious.
Whatever made that bleeding woman conclude such a thing?