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bleeder / вымогатель, гемофилик, предохранительный клапан
имя существительное
extortioner, extortionist, bleeder, racketeer, vampire, exactor
hemophiliac, bleeder, haemophiliac
предохранительный клапан
safety valve, bleeder
имя существительное
a person who bleeds easily, especially a hemophiliac.
He was a bleeder who suffered frequent joint haemorrhages.
a ground ball that barely passes between two infielders.
When used in nonsave situations, Escobar seemed frustrated by bleeps, infield-in bleeders and an inability to put hitters away with two strikes.
These electrode tips can be directly applied to the relatively dry surface of a surgical bed that has been momentarily compressed or used indirectly by touching a hemostat or Adson's forceps which is used to grasp the small bleeder .
I'm a bleeder , someone just has to speak to me sharply and I'm gushing pints, so no blood means hopefully no big deal.
Some Mid-Atlantic jurisdictions can continue to use such adjunct bleeder medications as amicar and tranex.
I was just going to compliment her when she exclaimed, dabbing the pin-prick with a pad of astringent, ‘Oh, you're a bleeder !’
He was a bleeder who suffered frequent joint haemorrhages.
Anyway, we call these things that we fill our pockets with bleeder kits - we're all trying to be like Batman with his cool belt, seeing how many cool medical doodads we can place on our person.
He was always what they call ‘a bleeder ,’ a puncher who leads with his face and usually gets cut to ribbons by the time the first couple of rounds are over.
One who suffers from the terrible tendency to bleed on slight contact, which is denoted by the term ‘a bleeder ,’ cannot complain if he mixes with the crowd and suffers severely, perhaps fatally, from being merely brushed against.
I keep swallowing again and again now just to check, expecting the bleeder to re-emerge, but I can't feel it at all.
As they say, even cripple bleeder singles look like line drives in the next day's box scores.