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bleed / кровоточить, истекать кровью, пускать кровь
bleed, hemorrhage, haemorrhage
истекать кровью
bleed, hemorrhage, haemorrhage
пускать кровь
bleed, let blood, blood, phlebotomize
имя прилагательное
lose blood from the body as a result of injury or illness.
the cut was bleeding steadily
draw blood from (someone), especially as a once-common method of treatment in medicine.
Legend says that he was bled to death by a treacherous nun at Kirklees in Yorkshire.
имя существительное
an instance of bleeding.
a lot of blood was lost from the placental bleed
The married man with three children believes he contracted the virus from a contaminated clotting agent used to treat a leg bleed in 1985.
The victim's condition is still described as serious as he remains in a hospital induced coma following a bleed in the brain.
The cabin life support system will be designed to bleed cabin air during launch to equalize cabin pressure and ambient pressure up to a specified altitude.
a lot of blood was lost from the placental bleed
‘It's as if they want to cut our throats and slowly bleed us into submission,’ said another bar owner.
The picture quality is about what you would expect for TV broadcast: a little grain, but no major color bleed .
the picture has an unfortunate bleed
If you are on the pill you do not expect to be pregnant, and you will probably still have a period-like bleed in your pill-free week.
Blacks are black and stay solid at all times with no bleed or shimmer.
Colors and fleshtones are natural looking, detail is sharp with no edge enhancement and blacks are solid with zero bleed .