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bleat / блеять, мычать, говорить глупости
bleat, baa
low, moo, bellow, bleat, bell
говорить глупости
talk nonsense, haver, bleat, yammer
имя существительное
moo, mooing, bellow, low, bleat
имя существительное
the wavering cry made by a sheep, goat, or calf.
the distant bleat of sheep in the field
(of a sheep, goat, or calf) make a characteristic wavering cry.
the lamb was bleating weakly
I'm really grateful to all you folks who answered my bleat about financial support for Catholic apostolates yesterday!
‘I suppose it doesn't matter,’ I heard her bleat behind me.
From one side came the cry of curlews, from the other the bleat of sheep.
The brain centres under observation would activate and the sheep would bleat in a particular way when they saw pictures of members of their own flock and in a similar way when they saw a shepherd they knew well.
On TV screens across the globe, for more than three months now, the sheep have been jumping into the ditch without a bleat of protest.
The cloning of human beings has seemed inevitable since Dolly took her first bleat , and we should be relieved that it was done by scientists in a laboratory, not by wild-eyed members of some cult.
The chiefs of the association are unlikely to pay much heed to a rural bleat , even if the problem is almost nation-wide.
Only the gentle buzz of the mechanical shears kind, the chatter of 300 onlookers and the odd sheep's bleat could be heard as 33 of the Mid West's best shearers took part in Geraldton first speed shearing competition.
Manifestation of my words came fourteen years after I'd spoken there but at the time it was only an honest bleat of frustration with a system that was reprehensible.
To lure them from the dense woody thickets scattered through the arid open savannas, he used the ultimate bait: the ‘plaintive bleat of a wounded baby buffalo.’