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bleak / мрачный, холодный, суровый
имя прилагательное
gloomy, dark, grim, bleak, dismal, somber
cold, chilly, bleak, chill, frigid, icy
severe, harsh, stern, austere, hard, bleak
имя существительное
bleak, ablet
имя прилагательное
(of an area of land) lacking vegetation and exposed to the elements.
a bleak and barren moor
имя существительное
a small silvery shoaling fish of the minnow family, found in Eurasian rivers.
The flies for pike were naturally bigger than the bleaks , so they left me alone and I got some pike.
It seemed so hard to believe that anyone so accustomed to such accommodations could possibly live in the dark bleak castle of Amedon.
He now lives alone in a one-bedroom flat on a bleak housing estate in Stranraer, Wigtownshire.
Chillingham Castle - a wonderfully bleak castle in the north east - was used for Fotheringay, scene of Mary Queen of Scots' incarceration.
And yet, amid this bleak landscape, there is talk of a new St. Bernard, rising from the mud.
Without warning rain began to come down in sheets, blanketing the world in a bleak fog.
It's New York in the mid-'80s and the situation is bleak .
It was partly Wolfe's portrait of the Bronx - a bleak , unprepossessing gang land - that has kept me away all this time.
Rhea looked up miserably at the bleak mountains surrounding them.
Amongst these, a flutter of origami birds was the bright spot, alongside a glossy triptych of photos slotting bleak landscape between bleak tower blocks.
Captain Val was the first to greet her, his expression bleak .