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blazon / герб, эмблема, прославление
имя существительное
coat of arms, arms, crest, blazon, cognizance
emblem, insignia, symbol, device, ensign, blazon
glorification, apotheosis, blazon
divulge, publicize, noise, give publicity to, blaze, blazon
имя существительное
a correct description of armorial bearings.
There are rules governing the way a blazon is written, which make it possible for anyone who understands them to draw an accurate rendition of the arms from the blazon .
display prominently or vividly.
they saw their company name blazoned all over the media
describe or depict (armorial bearings) in a correct heraldic manner.
The badge for it is blazoned : Per pale sable and argent, three wolf's teeth issuant from dexter and as many from sinister counterchanged.
The words of the heraldic blazon contained in the Order of the King in Council of Nov. 5, 1800, and announced to the nation by the Proclamation of Jan. 1, 1801, prescribes the form in which the national flag is to be constructed.
Editors who blazon every rumour on their front pages, politicians who hold weekly press conferences on ‘international threat levels’ and policemen who boast their tally of menaces averted are the arms salesmen of terror.
The marriage was annulled in 1582 and Margherita became a nun, but the blazon was left to add luster to Farnese status.
I wonder whether some standardised form of description, akin to heraldic blazon , will gradually emerge.
With the exception of the arms of the two queens, Eleanor of Provence and Eleanor of Castile, which appear impaled with the English royal arms on the Heralds' Roll, the early rolls never blazon the arms of women.
Johnny's heart ached when he saw Tom with the three golden boars' heads that marked the blazon of the House of Swynford.
In fact, he claimed Erôs as his deity, and even had his image emblazoned on his shield, rather than, as was custom, his ancestral blazon , or the sign of the father.
The original blazon is: ‘Or, on a chev. betw. three leopards' heads gu, a crescent of the field.’
As these heraldic arms became more elaborate, their description or blazon came to acquire its own rules, arcane vocabulary, and concise syntax.
This came with the proviso that Lodovico not remove any of the three Guicciardini coats of arms, and that he not place his own blazon anywhere on the facade, ‘especially on the outer side that faces onto the piazza.’