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blasphemy / богохульство
имя существительное
blasphemy, profanity, oath, swear
имя существительное
the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk.
he was detained on charges of blasphemy
This was a clear case of blasphemy for a man to use the name of God to refer to Himself.
She said that the Goddess must get tired of hearing utter flattery or utter blasphemy .
Paul's blasphemy was unintended, and he repented when he recognized the truth.
That we can still think of wringing out a song from all this is worse than heresy, blasphemy , sacrilege.
he was detained on charges of blasphemy
To her, this was almost like blasphemy or a crime against humanity.
A child from a Christian home can be put in an embarrassing situation if asked to read aloud a passage including swear words and blasphemy .
The proposed bill has been denounced by human rights groups and others as a ‘dangerous new blasphemy law’.
He told people he was the Son of God when he knew that, in saying so, people would either think him insane or accuse him of blasphemy .
I say, do not trust in your belief that you have committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.