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blaspheme / поносить, богохульствовать, богохульничать
revile, blaspheme, vilify, denounce, abuse, defame
blaspheme, swear
swear, blaspheme
speak irreverently about God or sacred things.
he has blasphemed against God
Chesterton observed long ago that we only blaspheme what we hold sacred.
What good does it do that you believe and yet blaspheme ?
We are also managing not to blaspheme too much.
She had come close to death more than once and had known pain so excruciating that she felt sure the demons were tempting her to blaspheme .
I swore softly, taking care not to blaspheme in case that increased my punishment.
I appeal to everybody here not to blaspheme this sacred place with political quarrels.
They drew attention to themselves by shouting loudly and blaspheming against Allah.
The strengthening of the sovereign's power had diminished the threat of the blasphemer to the community, and blasphemy became a private sin rather than a public menace.
I think that was the first time I prayed, only I wasn't praying, I was blaspheming .
If you ask people to stop swearing or blaspheming , some people will silently respect you while others will go out of their way to turn the air blue.