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blarney / лесть, чушь, сладкие речи
имя существительное
flattery, adulation, sycophancy, cajolery, palaver, blarney
nonsense, rubbish, drivel, garbage, hooey, blarney
сладкие речи
обманывать лестью
flatter, cajole, adulate, toady, compliment, blarney
имя существительное
talk that aims to charm, pleasantly flatter, or persuade.
he had the “street charm” of an Irish politician, but this blarney concealed his inner self
influence or persuade (someone) using charm and pleasant flattery.
He had blarneyed the Jaguar driver into taking him along.
this story is perhaps just a bit of blarney
It's a role that comes with certain duties, chief among them to keep the blarney coming until the lights go down.
The character was a rollicking success from day one, a marvellous, surreal, genuinely bizarre mix of whimsy, blarney , satire and violence packaged in outrageously funny plots.
There are the old women flower sellers searching for the cheapest blossoms that with their blarney must earn them their livelihood.
He would have much more to be cheerful about and before we knew it he would be full of the blarney , not to mention the Guinness.
Right now you're either dazzling the general populace with brilliance or charming them with blarney .
He gave a speech on his new charity work, and it was one of those smooth unctuous bits of California blarney no one could make with a straight face today.
this story is perhaps just a bit of blarney
Although he possesses none of the blarney and bluster of his southern Irish contemporaries, the humour is droll, earthy and occasionally laugh-out-loud.
That night in the pub, Sean's blarney is on top form.