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blare / рев, звук трубы, автомобильный гудок
имя существительное
roar, roaring, bellow, howl, blare, braying
звук трубы
trumpet, blare, trump, tootle, trumpet-call
автомобильный гудок
honk, blare
слепить глаза
громко трубить
играть на медных инструментах
имя существительное
a loud harsh sound.
a blare of trumpets
make or cause to make a loud, harsh sound.
the ambulance arrived outside, siren blaring
These systems provide better sound, and also protect musicians' hearing from the blare of the huge sound systems used in large concert halls.
As they walked inside they were greeted by the loud blare of popular music.
I knew it was him coming when I heard a blare of rock music, followed by the harsh growl of an old, unclean engine.
Its blare sent birds fluttering from the branches of the live oak that overhung the gate, making the Spanish moss sway as if it were alive.
The loud blare of the buzzer, signalling the end of the game, cut through the gymnasium.
Beneath it all is the constant blare of traffic.
It was a good night, as we strove to make conversation employing sign-language and shouting against the blare of the music.
When the wind came roaring across, he could hear in broken waves of sound the riotous blare of the instruments.
a blare of trumpets
From the initial blare of the trumpets, the album has that thrill of half-recalled familiarity.