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blameworthy / заслуживающий порицания, достойный порицания
имя прилагательное
заслуживающий порицания
blameworthy, blameful, culpable, demeritorious, blamable, blameable
достойный порицания
reprehensible, blameworthy, censurable, bum
имя прилагательное
responsible for wrongdoing and deserving of censure or blame.
The investigator found that the council was not blameworthy of doing anything wrong in the circumstances.
This requires the existence of a just culture, one possessing a collective understanding of where the line should be drawn between blameless and blameworthy actions.
He sighed, and somehow she felt deeply blameworthy .
A much larger issue is whether people and companies who disclose vulnerabilities are blameworthy when hackers write exploits that target that vulnerability.
Any behaviour which causes harm to oneself and others could be called blameworthy while any behaviour that causes no harm could be called praiseworthy.
If criminals under a particular age are less blameworthy than other criminals it might seem to follow that we should spare such criminals the harshest sentence.
It's true that there is no simple chain of blameworthy actions which led to this deterioration.
His aggressive pleasure was disconcerting, though hardly blameworthy given the open-ended terms of the experiment.
In other words, it's a way of blaming the victim even though the victim has not done anything blameworthy .
There are cases in which someone knowingly performs a corrupt action but is, say, coerced into so doing, and is therefore not blameworthy .
It is true that accomplices are normally less blameworthy than principals and therefore deserve less severe sentences.