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blacktop / асфальтобетон
имя существительное
asphalt, or other black material used for surfacing roads.
blacktop roads
surface (a road or area) with asphalt or other black material.
41 miles had been blacktopped to date
I didn't even know that dogs cared where they walked: blacktop , concrete, dirt, lamp post or tree, it's probably all the same to them.
€25,000 has been allocated to blacktop the road.
The divided highway terminates pending completion of additional construction work, and I find myself ejected onto a two-lane blacktop through a small town.
The school grounds, a half-acre of fenced-in blacktop , resembled a prison yard.
The road proved to be a two-lane blacktop with the familiar yellow lines down the middle.
As he ran Danny tripped and fell on the blacktop road.
Their work also includes constructing a blacktop road for the village, digging a well and erecting a school.
It is the presence of the military and their willingness to sacrifice that give this town its sense of its own values, that it is more than just another section of sprawling, strip-malled blacktop .
I bounced up over the hood and ricocheted off the windshield, skidding to a stunned halt across the blacktop pavement.
It's a school festival where we get little booths all around the blacktop outside of our school.