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blackout / затемнение, светомаскировка, затемнение сознания
имя существительное
blackout, fogging, obfuscation, blacking-out
blackout, dim-out
затемнение сознания
blackout, obfuscation, blacking-out
имя прилагательное
darkened, blackout
имя существительное
a failure of electrical power supply.
due to a power blackout, their hotel was in total darkness
a suppression of information, especially one imposed on the media by government.
there is a total information blackout on minority interests
a temporary loss of consciousness.
she was suffering from blackouts
The government, however, maintains tough media censorship including a virtual blackout on military operations.
She becomes the victim of the Glue Man, a mysterious prankster who uses the cover of a blackout to put glue in girls' hair.
Estimates of the economic costs of the blackout reach upwards of $5 billion.
A theater on the 2nd and 3rd floors will have back and side walls of glass allowing a backdrop of a clear view of the harbor or controlled filtering down to complete blackout .
Erroneous public perception of a massive cost-overrun was never addressed and as the project advanced, a publicity blackout added commensurate mystery.
Every night families gather to watch Afghan TV, back on the air after years of Taliban blackout .
The government has imposed a censorship blackout on the media and no journalists are permitted in the war zone.
The team will not speak with him and his representative about an extension until after July 15, when the blackout period is lifted under league guidelines.
He threw open the blackout curtains of heavy, dark velvet, letting the rosy light of dawn seep into the room.
As soon as the blackout hit, it started dumping waste directly into the East River and continued doing so for the next 29 hours.