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blackcurrant / черная смородина
имя существительное
черная смородина
blackcurrant, blackberry
имя существительное
a small round edible black berry that grows in loose hanging clusters.
the shrub that produces black currants.
In the fruit garden, blackcurrants that weren't pruned in the summer can be cut back by a third.
blackcurrant juice
Others, such as cooking apples, raspberries, blackcurrants , redcurrants and gooseberries, have more pectin and set without any help.
There were stalls piled with pyramids of different coloured berries - deep purple blackcurrants , scarlet strawberries, pink lingonberries and bright orange slushy cloudberries.
My mum used to make the world's best ever blackcurrant pie - she made home grown blackcurrants into a pie that I could polish off on my own over several evenings.
We've had our first few raspberries today, and the blackcurrants are nearly ready to pick, at least a first pass for the early ripeners.
In a few weeks the soft fruit which includes raspberries, redcurrants, gooseberries and blackcurrants will be available and the strawberries are already ripening and are ready to enjoy.