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blackboard / классная доска, рабочая область
имя существительное
классная доска
рабочая область
имя существительное
a large board with a smooth, typically dark, surface attached to a wall or supported on an easel and used for writing on with chalk, especially by teachers in schools.
The walls were covered in blackboards with chalk markings that seemed to be in a language of numbers.
Sheldon lopes to one end of the blackboard , raises his chalk and, with a quick flourish, draws a circle.
The teacher was staring at her, tapping his miniature piece of chalk on the blackboard .
The other was incredulous, and kept underlining his solution on the blackboard with heavy chalk lines.
George on the camera is a genius and Frank on sound could make a chalk scratch on a blackboard sound like music.
The only resource in the classroom was a teacher and a blackboard .
She puts down in her notebook whatever the teacher writes on the blackboard .
She did not, as I had hoped, lead us through the routines in slow motion, with the aid of diagrams chalked up on a blackboard .
I counted more than 20 dishes chalked up on the blackboard and was pleasantly surprised with what was on offer.
It spelt the end of students sitting in rows, facing the teacher and the blackboard .
The teacher had almost seen it that time as he turned around to write something on the dry erase board, that had long time ago replaced the blackboards .