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blab / разбалтывать, болтать, проговаривать
blab, chatter, stir, prate, shake
chat, talk, dangle, chatter, prattle, blab
имя существительное
talker, chatterbox, windbag, babbler, gossip, blab
chatter, talk, gossip, babble, twaddle, blab
reveal secrets by indiscreet talk.
she blabbed to the press
имя существительное
a person who blabs.
Anyhoo, it annoys me when the blabs plump for the same stuff.
We thought it was a good deal; Grandma could smoke her cigars in Edith's face and catch up on all the daily gossip since Edith was a big blab .
there's no need to blab the whole story
So go on kids - find yourself a nice juicy secret and blab it all over the place.
they blab on about responsibility
Sam should not have gone soft on a blab who squealed
there's no need to blab the whole story
There are going to be a few appearances that night, but I think they're sort of secret so I won't blab .
Get in the car, or we'll blab to the whole school, and your brother.
I don't know what you know, but, for once, can you not do the sneaky thing, and blab it to the whole world, or post it on your evil blog, or whatever.
If I stand trial, they will put me under a truth potion, and I will blab all kinds of secrets… including yours.