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biz / бизнес, право, профессия
имя существительное
business, biz
right, law, title, freedom, faculty, biz
profession, occupation, trade, career, business, biz
имя прилагательное
business, businesslike, managing, biz, no-nonsense
practical, practice, pragmatic, realistic, business, biz
имя существительное
a business, typically one connected with entertainment.
the music biz
the music biz
In past years the program has provided a boost to young women looking to get valuable experience in the film biz .
In the parlance of the entertainment biz , these companies were really just projects.
Complex copyright law is becoming de rigueur for those interested in the music biz .
As mentioned before, I made my living as a song and dance man in the entertainment biz .
He's also got one of the best jobs in the biz - he's an entertainment lawyer.
Truth is though that the record biz has succumbed to the old-fashioned science of statistical analysis.
Until then, demand will fuel increased growth throughout the chip biz .
It's in their own interest if they want to get on in the music biz .
Luke's in the biz , so he was often away rehearsing or performing.