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biweekly / раз в две недели, два раза в неделю
раз в две недели
biweekly, fortnightly
два раза в неделю
имя существительное
magazine, log, journal, periodical, book, biweekly
имя прилагательное
выходящий раз в две недели
biweekly, fortnightly
выходящий два раза в неделю
biweekly, semiweekly
имя существительное
a periodical that appears every two weeks or twice a week.
That's also true of many of the remaining locally owned papers (some 180 across the country, ranging from weeklies and biweeklies to monthlies and quarterlies).
имя прилагательное
appearing or taking place every two weeks or twice a week.
a biweekly bulletin
So they began biweekly strategy meetings with precinct commanders and top brass, in which all participants were required to share everything they knew.
Frank decided to put his friend to the test and see whether those at Canada's premier satirical biweekly could book a table for a party of 10 nobodies on a Friday night.
In addition, respondents also included 45 newspapers that published weekly or biweekly .
However, 33 percent had no complaints about the market, suggesting why, out of 463 consumers interviewed, 56 percent keep returning on a weekly or biweekly basis.
Beginning in the spring of that year, the cantankerous octogenarian wrote an extended series of letters - over three hundred in all - that appeared biweekly in a local newspaper.
The 161 plants that bolted in 1986 were monitored weekly or biweekly from 12 April to 10 September for survival, flowering, and silique production.
My reliance on interpreters dates to January 1997, when I began editing an English-language biweekly in Vladivostok, a Russian port on the Sea of Japan.
I would love to eventually publish Radar as a biweekly , but how quickly we make that transition will depend on our financing.
The free newspaper, which had been a biweekly , relaunched May 10 and is going weekly in June.
He hopes to hold biweekly meetings with the administration.