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bivouac / бивак, палатка
имя существительное
bivouac, camp, bivvy
tent, booth, stall, bivvy, pavilion, bivouac
стоять биваком
располагаться биваком
bivouac, go into bivouac
имя существительное
a temporary camp without tents or cover, used especially by soldiers or mountaineers.
Elsewhere, the only restraint is the presence of coalition forces at the airports or in temporary bivouacs , and these troops are poised to leave at any time.
stay in a temporary camp without cover.
he'd bivouacked on the north side of the town
‘Many men might bivouac in fields outside these towns, waiting for ships to pick them up,’ Aldril continued.
Abdul gives the order to bivouac - in another set of coffinlike holes in the riverbank - and signals that he'll go ahead and kill some soldiers to get some food.
They were forced to bivouac for the night, without oxygen, near the summit, huddled together at 28, 700 feet not knowing if they would survive the night or the psychological netherworld of creeping hypoxia.
Our cozy shelter had become a miserable bivouac .
At 6pm, we gathered on a tiny 2 X 3 meter ledge; our second bivouac .
They captured him, but left most of his baggage, together with a lot of papers, scattered about the bivouac where they had captured him.
And effectively, 30 minutes later, the Finnish line-up reached the bivouac , having covered nearly 1600 km.
I finally reached a garden like terrace of stunted trees, where the whole team set up the fourth bivouac .
The battered bivouac has been replaced with a modern tent and a pickup.
Let us pray I am not forced to bivouac in Oval for any similar length of time.