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bituminous / битумный, битуминозный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of, containing, or of the nature of bitumen.
In 1937 the first cationic surfactants were used in bituminous road construction and these were quaternary ammonium salts.
The information is grouped into six broad product categories: earthmoving, lifting, bituminous , concrete and aggregate, light equipment, and attachments and components.
The Government entered into a contract with Consolidated Contractors Company of Kuwait to construct a bituminous all-weather 74 kilometres road between Mongu and Kalabo.
There were a few victories, mostly as a result of an intense organizing campaign in the bituminous districts of western Pennsylvania, but there were many more failures, in Pennsylvania and throughout the coal regions of Appalachia.
According to SPRI, PVC membranes are chemically incompatible with bituminous materials.
This may be related to the presence of relatively large, probably late-diagenetic pyrite clusters in the bituminous limestones, whereas smaller framboids and crystals predominate in the black shales.
Environments where bituminous mudrocks may form are waterlogged mires, swamp and bogs, stratified lakes and marine water with restricted circulation including backswamp conditions furthest from the fluvial channel.
Dasag's range of natural asphalt tiles continues a 100-year tradition that has seen finely ground bituminous limestone pressed into durable and elegant tiles.
It was also postulated that the slow settling of organic material from the surface produced the bituminous carbonate layers known as oil shale.
Neither uses bituminous tars or asphalts, neither requires painting, and both age to beautiful patinas.
In situ stabilisation techniques included in the survey were chemical, bituminous , and mechanical stabilisation.