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bite / укусить, кусать, кусаться
bite, sting, snap, nip, snap off
bite, nip, savage
имя существительное
bite, sting, nip
piece, chunk, lump, bit, bite, bar
(of a person or animal) use the teeth to cut into something in order to eat it.
Rosa bit into a cupcake
(of a tool, tire, boot, etc.) grip a surface.
once on the wet grass, my boots failed to bite
имя существительное
an act of biting into something in order to eat it.
Stephen ate a hot dog in three big bites
a sharp or pungent flavor.
a fresh, lemony bite
As the full effects of government policy begin to bite , however, there are signs that the political backlash feared in ruling circles is developing.
One in 10 primary school pupils could be taught by unqualified teachers from September as severe staff shortages bite .
Robyn took a large bite out of her sandwich
The tackle had performed well and had converted every bite into a fish on the bank.
once on the wet grass, my boots failed to bite
The weak sunlight did nothing to diminish the cold bite of the air.
The fish were aggressive, and the bite was on spinnerbaits, a personal favorite.
Then like a conventional skewer you spin the small end till she starts to bite , nip the lever down and you've got a solid under carriage, no tools!
by four o'clock he still hadn't had a single bite
First he got the saw to bite into it one way and then another so he could make a sort of divot.