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bisque / суп, раковый суп, фора
имя существительное
soup, broth, bisque, bouillon, bisk
раковый суп
bisque, bisk
allowance, bisque, leg-up
имя существительное
a rich, creamy soup typically made with shellfish, especially lobster.
Scallops come with a rich, foaming lobster bisque .
an extra turn, point, or stroke allowed to a weaker player in croquet or court tennis.
To our mind, there is a far better handicap than any of these, viz., the bisque .
fired unglazed pottery.
using bisque for doll heads
a light brown color.
shades of bisque, taupe, and chocolate brown
имя прилагательное
light brown in color.
For the bisque tones use Amber Clay, Bisque, Creamy Brown, Yellow Ochre, Alabaster and Burnt Sienna Fluid Chalk inks.
Students also have the option of glazing before or after the bisque firing.
To take a bisque judiciously requires a cool head and great familiarity with tennis.
Following these there are soups with the Lobster bisque with brandy sounding very promising.
The women have all been experimenting with porcelain art, creating intricate designs on a number of fine china and bisque pieces.
Invite campers to return to the clay studio during their free time to glaze bisque ware, especially those pieces that were wheel thrown.
After bisque firing to cone 06, students use underglazes to color their planters.
We had an amuse-bouche of lobster bisque with skate, a good strong flavour to get the juices flowing.
Lobster bisque spiked with a shot of Armagnac, adminstered at the table, would work better if the salt content were tamed.
I actually thought the lobster bisque was wonderful.
It is a low-fire technique, where bisque , a fired piece of unglazed clay, is quickly heated to red hot temperature and then taken out of the kiln and reduced in wood shavings, newspaper or a similar combustible material.