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bishopric / епархия, сан епископа
имя существительное
diocese, eparchy, bishopric, see, episcopate
сан епископа
bishopric, episcopate, cathedra
имя существительное
the office or rank of a bishop.
Nevertheless, the distribution and control of offices, such as countships, abbacies, and bishoprics rather than the royal treasury became the main foci of the political rivalries and conflicts of the ninth and tenth centuries.
A little later Palladius himself was appointed to a bishopric , and sent to Ireland to minister to - and possibly ransom - enslaved Christian Britons abducted by Irish raiders.
Chester was one of the seats of the Mercian bishops, though the bishopric was variously styled as Chester, Coventry, or Coventry and Lichfield.
Though the modern bishopric was not carved out of the York diocese until 1836, Ripon's early ecclesiastical history is inextricably associated with Wilfrid.
By the end of October, he was sacked from his bishopric in Winchester and as Abbot of St Albans.
The Anglican Catholic Church now includes 15 dioceses in the Americas, the United Kingdom and Australia, plus a bishopric in New Zealand, and deaneries in Spain and South America.
The Domenican prelate had reluctantly accepted the papal tiara in 1724, leaving with great regret his bishopric in Benevento.
In the Church of England as it currently is, Canon Robinson couldn't have been a candidate for the bishopric .
And it was in York that he established a bishopric (only later to be England's second archbishopric), probably because that had been the centre of the old Romano-British diocese.
I ask whether he misses the palace and the politicking that went with his bishopric and he replies: ‘Oh no.’
He was appointed bishop of Worcester in 1535, but resigned his bishopric and was kept in custody for a year because he could not support the Act of the Six Articles, 1539.