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bisect / делить пополам, разрезать
делить пополам
bisect, halve, dimidiate
cut, slit, cut up, nick, bisect, cleave
divide into two parts.
a landscape of farmland bisected by long straight roads
Using these simple tools they could construct equilateral triangles and hexagons and they could bisect any angle.
Troops were then landed on April 25, the aim being to bisect the peninsula and sever the head of the Turkish resistance.
The common perpendicular bisectors of parallel sides (the axes of symmetry of the trapezoids) bisect the angles of the triangle formed by the extensions of the three equal diagonals.
Indeed, let L P, L Q and L R be the points of intersection of bisectors of angles CPB, AQC, and BRA with sides CB, AC and BA, respectively.
Drilling begins directly over the bisection of the angle between the greater superficial petrosal nerve and arcuate eminence and the dura of IAC is exposed beneath the petrous ridge.
But even then an elementary framework will not attain the broad outlook of Morley's theory that includes the angle bisectors and trisectors under a single roof.
‘The loneliest highway in America,’ US50, bisects tens of millions of acres taken from native Americans years ago.
The bisectors of the angles BAC and MON intersect at R.
Any new roads must avoid bisecting koala habitat, include mitigation measures, reduce speed limits and provide for habitat restoration.
He hits a peach of a winning point which bisects the posts.