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birthright / право первородства, право по рождению
имя существительное
право первородства
право по рождению
имя существительное
a particular right of possession or privilege one has from birth, especially as an eldest child.
Being the good brother he is, Jacob offers Esau some lentil soup - on one condition: Esau has to forgo his birthright and inheritance as eldest son.
You know, you learn how to do justice by looking at examples of injustice - Cain killing his brother Abel, Jacob cheating his father and his brother about his birthright and then being cheated.
It's your natural birthright , but they make you pay for it.
Once mollified, they are possessed once again of that calm which is their birthright , their black gaze deep.
This was our birthright as intellectuals, but to possess it we needed to withstand the terror, loneliness, and isolation inherent in intellectual life.
she saw a liberal education as the birthright of every child
Titled Esau studies, the group chose that name explicitly to reflect the younger brother's undercutting of the older brother's birthright .
Overall, TAU students project a sense of a birthright to education that is rare at UMB.
Every human being has a natural birthright of having access to natural resources such as water.
I am a woman, possessing the softness and warmth that is my birthright , and I love what I am.
We also have a birthright : rhetoric's role in civic education.