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birthplace / родина, место рождения
имя существительное
home, homeland, country, birthplace, motherland, native land
место рождения
place of birth, birthplace, natal place
имя существительное
the place where a person was born.
Each chapter illuminates a different area of the city and includes facts on birthplaces , burial places, sites with a literary connection, restaurants and pubs, literary museum exhibits, etc.
Our last night on the road is spent in Tulln, known as the birthplace and the first capital of Austria.
This land is a birthplace of ancient civilization, split between feuding faiths.
The grounds are seen by many as the birthplace of the English landscape movement.
In addition, Fuzhou Road was the birthplace of Shanghai's southern school of Peking opera.
Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance
Israeli forces now control most of this ancient town, the birthplace of Christ.
Soon the gene banks in Mexico, birthplace of the original corn varieties, may also be contaminated.
The local community is campaigning for a museum to commemorate the district as the historic birthplace of the famous car.
This wonderful area is the birthplace of agriculture, alphabet, numbers and the wheel, and it is no barren desert.
Just beyond the far end of Reform Street lies the birthplace of Kirriemuir's most famous son, JM Barrie.