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birth / рождение, роды, происхождение
имя существительное
birth, giving birth, bearing, delivery, nativity, nascence
birth, childbirth, delivery, labor, confinement, parturition
origin, descent, birth, genesis, background, lineage
имя существительное
the emergence of a baby or other young from the body of its mother; the start of life as a physically separate being.
he was blind from birth
give birth to (a baby or other young).
she had carried him and birthed him
Syrian by birth , he was interrogated by U.S. officials and then deported.
That's still 6 per cent short of the $1.17 rate at the euro's birth at the start of 1999.
Cortes considers himself Spanish by birth and gypsy by heritage.
All contestants must be Irish by birth or ancestry.
Any musical artists of Canadian aboriginal status or non-status Metis or Inuit by birth , adoption or community acceptance are eligible for the awards.
I'm a new USA citizen, Australian by birth , who headed down to the Madison City Clerk's office today for early voting.
An electional chart is a chart set up for the time of an event; for its beginning or birth .
the birth of democracy
When force secured partition, the UUP emerged to ensure that democracy in the North was smothered at birth .
Like other animals, they pass through a life cycle from birth to maturity to death.