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birdcage / клетка, клетка для птиц
имя существительное
cell, cage, square, check, birdcage, pane
клетка для птиц
имя существительное
a cage for pet birds, typically made of wire or cane.
He always loved birds,’ said Anthony, pointing to the three birdcages with birds hanging up in his uncle's home.
And for your surprise, he is not shut in a birdcage .
There is a birdcage , which Shackelton owned and several photographs of the great man, together with letters and other documents penned or signed by him.
He carried the birdcage to a different place daily.
Instead of a bell hanging round its neck, it has what looks like a small birdcage , but there is no bird!
On the floor he laid a bed of newspaper to represent both the floor of a birdcage and the influence of media on cultural and personal identity.
The glint on the wire frames of his spectacles echoes the glint on the birdcage wire.
There was a stunning gold birdcage filled with exotic birds.
On the sunny side of the street, many of the houses sported a birdcage hanging from a nail, high on the wall beside the hall door.
A woman who thinks she is a bird is brought into the emergency room in a huge birdcage .
Standing in the kitchen looking at the birdcage on top of the bath is my earliest childhood memory.