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birch / береза, розга
имя существительное
rod, cane, birch, swish, birch-rod
имя прилагательное
birch, birchen
сечь розгой
swish, birch
имя существительное
a slender, fast-growing tree that has thin bark (often peeling) and bears catkins. Birch trees grow chiefly in north temperate regions, some reaching the northern limit of tree growth.
Police want to identify areas where the western hemlock (tsuga heterophylla) and the birch tree grow together and York council staff have offered to help identify locations.
a formal punishment in which a person is flogged with a bundle of birch twigs.
After the meeting, Mr Jones said that in some cases people wanted to see a return to capital punishments like the birch and cane.
beat (someone) with a bundle of birch twigs as a formal punishment.
But in a court case the boy was birched by a policeman who he had never seen before.
Christopher knows his trade and selects his wood from birch , oak or yew.
The conference room is formed in wood, and clad in pale birch .
He was not amused, especially when he heard that that same bunch had voted to bring back the birch only two weeks earlier.
The desk-and-bookcase of about 1820 is made of mahogany, birch , and mahogany veneer with tulip poplar and yellow pine as secondary woods.
Aren't there times when you're tempted to bring back the birch ?
At the semi-custom level, birch and poplar doors are also available, and white doors are lacquered, a more expensive process that gives a more refined look.
The table and chairs, both made from birch plywood veneered with ash, have a pale wood finish and boast simple, clean lines giving them an undeniably contemporary look.
Here are floors of heat-treated birch (a process which hardens and darkens the wood).
the school would attempt to birch them into submission
Crates will be improved with many different varieties of wood, including pine, birch , and even mahogany!