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bipartite / двусторонний, двураздельный, состоящий из двух частей
имя прилагательное
bilateral, reversible, bipartite, reciprocal, bifacial, two-sided
состоящий из двух частей
bipartite, dual, two-part, two-piece
разделенный на две части
имя прилагательное
involving or made by two separate parties.
the bipartite system of elementary and secondary schools
In the case of cashcards, which involve bipartite agreements, and of electronic purses which are treated like cash, the last problem is inapplicable.
The Council is a bipartite chamber of representatives from business and organized labour, dedicated to reaching an Irish-style labour accord.
When our early medieval documents begin again in the eighth century, however, bipartite divisions are commonly referred to.
Initially, the Labour Party had been prepared to give the bipartite system its chance.
A dictatorship is much more sensitive to the frailties of its leader than a bipartite or tripartite system.
Most coral reef fishes have a bipartite life cycle, with a dispersing pelagic larval phase and a relatively sedentary reef resident phase.
The empiricist has written: bipartite divisions are false.
But an ‘Ivy League’ plus the rest sounds uncomfortably like the old bipartite system of grammar and secondary moderns, and it would need careful handling to avoid creating a political backlash.
I have a bipartite response to that question, the first reason being that Rimbaud, in his work and in his life, was perhaps the first truly modern poet.
It becomes clear fairly quickly once you start playing with examples that the thing to do is create some kind of bipartite graph, where the left side is the ‘bad answer’ and the right side is the ‘good answer’.