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bioterrorism / биотерроризма
имя существительное
terrorism involving the release of toxic biological agents.
As an agent of bioterrorism , the method of exposure to botulism would be through food consumption or inhalation.
If anything, he's surprised that so far we've had so little bioterrorism , even in the form of hoaxes.
The plague's reputation has been further reinforced by discussion of its potential use as an agent of bioterrorism .
Every level of laboratory has access to specific protocols for each category of biologic agent that may be used for bioterrorism .
But, in the aftermath of that date, we have had to acknowledge the possibility of an even more frightening threat: bioterrorism .
The presentation addresses the family physician's role in recognizing and responding to bioterrorism .
The enemy fighting a robust military like we have wants to use asymmetrical factors, for instance, bioterrorism .
And you can imagine being accused of a crime like this when you're in such a sensitive field like bioterrorism .
Part of helping the public health system contend with the threat of bioterrorism is having reliable research available.
A powerful defense against bioterrorism is accurate and timely information for physicians and patients.
In fact, government regulations now address bioterrorism specifically as it relates to food production.