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biotech / биотехнологической
biotechnological, biotechnical
  • biotech firm - биотехнологическая фирма
  • biotech company - биотехническая компания
имя прилагательное
genetically modified.
biotech corn
It's 3003 and the biotech tweaked plants and animals are quite wonderful - but there are only a few dozen of the old species left.
It is that disconnect that is helping fuel the growth of the biotech food industry.
More than 150 people from the biotech industry are in Johannesburg.
Everyone working at a biotech has one eye on the exit, ready to bolt if things start to go bad.
The most positive aspect of this budget is that pharma and biotech have been placed at par with the IT industry.
Traditionally for the biotech industry, the paper questions whether people in the UK are really against GM.
All three bodies had links with the biotech industry through the pursuit of commercial research contracts.
To the biotech and agriculture industries the fight over organics is a sideshow.
It has a terrific biotech and health-care industry and some other technology.
I still hear and read about farmers who insist on growing the biotech crops no matter what.