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biosynthesis / биосинтез
имя существительное
имя существительное
the production of complex molecules within living organisms or cells.
Roma might reflect a more or less continuous biosynthesis of new cell wall material.
However, enzymes for their biosynthesis are found in both cell types.
Coordination of reproduction and yolk biosynthesis is achieved via the endocrine system.
Cysteine biosynthesis is modified by regulators acting at the site of uptake and throughout the plant system.
This can only be realized if the rate of ethylene biosynthesis is regulated by submergence-induced signals.
Bacterial growth is directly linked to the capacity of the cells for protein biosynthesis .
Floral senescence in many species is regulated by ethylene biosynthesis .
In vivo, the repression of genes involved in starch biosynthesis has been reported to block pollen development.
All previous theoretical analyses of metabolic costs of lignin biosynthesis used glucose as substrate.
It should be mentioned that there is no evidence for disturbed chlorophyll biosynthesis in the mutant.
In this mutant, a protein is inactivated which plays a key role during the negative feedback control of chlorophyll biosynthesis .