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biophysics / биофизика
имя существительное
имя существительное
the science of the application of the laws of physics to biological phenomena.
The Consortium consists of more than 40 researchers from all walks of scientific life - cell biology, chemistry, biophysics , genomics, bioinformatics and genetics.
He states that these findings have relevance for many areas: materials science, polymer chemistry, biophysics , protein biochemistry, and hematology.
His work utilizes techniques from membrane biophysics and cell and molecular biology.
Actually, my interest in physics was biophysics , so it's not as big a change as it sounds.
Besides vascular biology and biophysics , the methodology developed here may find broader application in other biological and nonbiological areas.
One of Greenlee's collaborators is Janice Buss, an associate professor of biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology.
This article addresses physical processes in the viral life cycle through a quantitative framework based on insights from structural biology, single molecule biophysics , electron microscopy, and solution biochemistry.
The MIR research fits into a broader area of expertise that Los Alamos National Laboratory maintains in the field of complex systems modeling in general, and modeling in theoretical biology and biophysics in particular.
An example is provided by molecular biophysics that reduces biological phenomena to a set of algorithms forming a consistent whole into which a biomolecular assembly can fit.
The course provides training and hands-on experience in experimental design and data analysis, and will also cover some of the necessary background in physics, biology and biophysics .
The analysis of kinetic signals in terms of exponential processes is pervasive, with numerous applications found in physics, chemistry, biophysics , and medicine.