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biomedical / биомедицинской
имя прилагательное
of or relating to both biology and medicine.
The biomedical scientists and medical practitioners would have liked greater technical details.
However, the sexes did not differ in giving biomedical information about diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.
In contrast, the subject of the medical history is a particular biomedical condition.
The approach in general practice is broad and biocultural, in contrast to the older biomedical definitions of specialties.
This study takes a patient orientated rather than biomedical approach to understanding hospital admission for asthma.
Most are senior nurses, but some are doctors or biomedical scientists.
An anthropological approach does not assume that biomedical concepts and practices are both normative and universal.
The encounter begins by the clinician setting the clinical problem in a conventional biomedical model.
This attempt to make psychiatric diagnosis more reliable was associated with a return to a biomedical model of mental illness.
The antioxidant nature of vitamin C makes it a popular vitamin for biomedical studies, so it provides a fair baseline for comparison.
The state's biomedical strength relies largely on its education infrastructure.